CARACAS. VENEZUELA, SEPTEMBER 7 – 2015 : A grafity with the eyes of Chavez in las Mercedes neighborhood. Caracas is decorated with thousands of anti-imperialist and revolutionary propaganda grafities. The face of the commander and leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, is always present in the whole country. The personality cult of Hugo Chavez Frias is a constant by the government to keep alive the spirit of the revolution. Venezuela is experiencing the worst political crisis of its recent history. The economic crisis, shortages, levels of violence and political persecution have divided the country. Nicolas Maduro’s government is being accused by the opposition of systematically violating human rights and freedoms of the Venezuelan people. They accuse the government of abducting state institutions and to turn Venezuela into one of the worst political regimes in the world. At present, the international community views with concern the Venezuelan crisis and especially the situation of political prisoners.