CARACAS, VENEZUELA – OCTOBER 2009: The interior of the headquarters of an armed group of the Bolivarian revolution in la Vega, Caracas. . ‘Colectivos’ are criminal gangs which have been armed by President Hugo Chavez’s administration, and have been converted into left-wing guerrilla groups through the introduction of political ideology, in order to act as death squadrons serving the Bolivarian revolution, carrying out politically-motivated killings. They are still involved in their traditional criminal activities such as the drug trade. The Bolivarian groups define themselves as the guardians of the Bolivarian revolution and the legacy of President Hugo Chavez Frias. They are accused by both the opposition and international human rights institutions to be violent lobbyists in government service. This paramilitary groups exercise the authority in neighborhoods that are part of its territory. Besides being the armed authority they also exert social and community service work. His critics accuse them of being directly organized criminal gangs belonging to government service crime.