Black Feather Mardi Gras Indian tribe Second Chief Corey Rayford stands for a portrait outside of his home in New Orleans East on August 3, 2015. Rayford lost five Indian suits in Hurricane Katrina and spent a year and a half displaced in Virginia. When he was able to get back to New Orleans, he says that it took him 2-3 years to get his financial stability back but he still couldn’t resume masking as a Mardi Gras Indian. Finally, cousin Lionel Delpit, who was then the Big Chief of the Black Feather tribe, got sick in 2010 and said that 2011 would be the last year he masked as a Mardi Gras Indian. Rayford buckled down and made a new suit in only four months. “I’m so glad I had the chance to make a suit and mask with him,” he said. “This has been in my family since before my time.”