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The New Blink : Your New Profile

So fresh. And so clean. Next up, we’re diving deep into your profile complete with updated features and new capabilities.

  • Cover Photo. Your profile now includes a cover photo. Choose an image to feature that represents your style of work to see the tone of your entire profile. The best image to choose is a high-res shot 1600×800 pixels.
  • A Beautiful New Portfolio Viewer. Profiles have been completely re-designed to focus on presenting work in a clear and straightforward way. It’s also easier to find contact information and get a quick glance at skills, languages and qualifications.
  • Recommendations. Every profile is equipped with a Recommendations section where clients can endorse skills and offer their feedback for others to read. Freelancers can use this section to build credibility as well as increase their ranking in search.
  • Shared Connections. See connections you have in common with other members of the Blink network. Shared connections can help you get a conversation going, get in intro to someone else, and help expand your own network.
  • Instant Connect. One of the coolest new features on Blink, Instant Connect lets you contact people via text message. Sometimes a message can’t wait, and now you can get in touch even faster. Phone number verification makes it easy to get started.

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Start using the new features. Give your profile an update and verify your phone number for Instant Connect.

Start by updating your skills, adding a cover photo and uploading work to your portfolio to brighten up your profile. Once you add your phone number, you’ll be able to verify it to start receiving text messages through Instant Connect.

Make updates to your profile and verify your phone number. Click here to log into your account.

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