The New Blink : A Smarter Search

We’re rolling out a series of emails introducing the platform updates we’ve spent 18 months perfecting. First up, an intro to the revamped Search tool.

  • A Smarter Algorithm. Location updates used to be the only way to rank highly in search. Now we’re weighing a bunch of additional factors including: A Complete Profile – with contact info and skills. A Portfolio of Work – companies can hide profiles without portfolios, so this is big. Response Time – you need to respond quickly to incoming requests. Location updates are still the most important thing you can do, so download the mobile app – in the footer of this email.
  • Recommendations. A brand new feature that lets clients verify skills freelancers have on their profiles and leave recommendations for completed jobs. The more verifications a freelancer has, the higher ranking they get in search.
  • Search Filters. Search results can now be filtered by multiple criteria all at once. For example, you can search “Los Angeles” for a Blink freelancer who shoots “art,” events” and “portraits.” You can also choose to only show profiles with updated locations, search by language, or search by organizations people belong to.


To get the most out of The New Blink, update your profile.

Take action now to make sure your profile is complete with your contact information, all your skills, and agencies. Upload work to your portfolio! It’s much easier for companies to hire freelancers when they can quickly get a sense of what kind of work you do.

Make updates to your profile and portfolio now to rank higher in search results.
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