Suleiman, 12 November 2014. He washes in the river, several kilometres into the bush from the Timangolo refugee camp in eastern Cameroon. He and his mother have been living there for five months. He is hardly 16 years old, but that Suleiman is alive is a miracle. During an anti-balaka attack on his village in CAR, he received several machete blows to the head and was left for dead, thrown into a mass grave. His mother found him and took him to the nearest dispensary, several days’ walk away. Suleiman was unconscious for three months. When he came to, it was to see the dispensary attacked in turn. His mother managed to escape with him into Cameroon, but Suleiman no longer has any taste for life. The severe headaches he suffers from prevent him leading a normal life. And his nightmares overwhelm him. He often dreams that he is being murdered in the worst possible ways. To escape his fears, Suleiman takes refuge in drugs. Tramadol and boyli have become his companions of misfortune.