A record sleeve of Zozo Sapountzaki a well-known Greek actress and performer also called the queen of the Athenian nightlife.
Many record sleeves and other paraphernalia are found at the abandoned compound of Columbia Records in Athens, Greece. Until it closed down in 1991 it was the preeminent Greek record company and most of the country’s big performing artists were signed to the label. During the seventies many Arab musicians from either Egypt or the Middle East used the studios for their recordings.
Hundreds of refugees and economic immigrants have squatted there since 2009 without water or electricity. Most of them were Algerians although there were also some Moroccans and Sudanese. All of them were trying to find a way to various European countries. Police evacuated the building in January 2012 but some immigrants still found shelter until June 2013 when the run down building was finally sealed.

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