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Krisanne Johnson – It's a Journey!

Blink's Laurence Cornet chats with photographer Krisanne Johnson about her documentary projects in Swaziland and South Africa.

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The Buzzfeed Style: An inside into Buzzfeed’s photo department

Blink’s Sahiba Chawdhary chats with Buzzfeed’s Photo Director Wajmah Yaqubi and Senior Features & News Photo Editor Kate Bubacz about their photography department, the Buzzfeed style and freelancer best practices.

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Alex Potter, Community Reportage

Blink’s Laurence Cornet chats with photographer Alex Potter about her experience in Yemen and about the importance of relying on a local and professional community to refine your craft as a young photographer.

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Renaud Philippe on Covering Barpak as a Freelancer

Blink’s Kyla Woods caught up with photographer Renaud Philippe to speak about covering the earthquake in Nepal, limitations of working in the country, how to create an in-depth photo essay in a disaster stricken area and what it was like as a freelancer covering the aftermath of a natural disaster.

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Everyday Photos Reveal the Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary People

Blink's Kyla Woods spoke to DiCampo about the project’s inception, its use as an educational tool for schools and future plans.

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Leonora Baumann on Photographing Child Mothers in the Congo

Blink’s Laurence Cornet chats with Hans Lucas photojournalist about her beginnings, and the challenges of photography in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Discover Sweet: Hearst's Snapchat Publication

Blink’s Kyla Woods chats with Christian Storm about the revolutionizing media brand, the add-on’s that are taking interactivity in storytelling to a new level, and the perceived growth of Sweet.

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Olivier Laban-Mattei on working with NGO's

Photographer Olivier Laban-Mattei spoke to Blink's Kyla Woods about the benefits of working with a wire, and the ethics behind working for non-government organizations.

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Black Box Creative Breaks the Mold of Collaborative Storytelling

Blink’s Laurence Cornet talks to three of the members about their cooperative for visual documentary projects, which they call Black Box.

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Diana Markosian on Pursuing Personal Documentary Work

Blink’s Laurence Cornet chats with photographer Diana Markosian about her personal documentary projects, obstacles she’s faced in the industry and how to stay motivated.

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