Welcome to the Blink Blog!

Welcome to the new Blink Blog!

The Blink team has been on an amazing journey over the past 18 months that completely transformed our lives and set in motion a radical change to the industry we love. Over 5500 people from 130 countries joined us on this adventure and we are honored to serve every single one of you. Truly… thank you. Without you, none of this would be possible.

2015 marks the start of a new chapter – we’re doubling down on improving our web and mobile products development (the team grew from 4 to 6) and marketing our network of the world’s greatest storytellers to a broader range of companies (to join over 557 who are on board already). Phase two is all about growth – spreading our message and hooking you up with new opportunities.

Our goal for the Blink Blog is to dive deeper into the incredible people on this network, introduce you to interesting new companies in the content market and creatives who are producing awesome work. We want to start a dialogue with our community –  share new features on the site, trends we’re seeing on the Blink network and cool opportunities that come our way that we want to pass on to you.

If you just found Blink for the first time – a warm hug and hello! Click here to apply for an invitation to join. If you’re already a Blink Professional – we’re glad you stopped by. Drop us a line if you want to get involved as an author, editor or curator. We’re keen to collaborate and experiment with this space.

Stay tuned for user spotlights, company profiles, feature tutorials and analysis of the activity and trends on Blink that are coming up later this month.


Best regards,
Matthew Craig
Co Founder & CEO

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  1. Hi Blink,
    Last week I joined Blink as a member of NPPA. Is there anything I need to do to optimize my account? Does the location services option increase my profile on your site or is it just a service for other members to see where I’m at? Thank you and congratulations on your new venture .Al Diaz

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